Inkcognito Cardiff is a highly professional tattoo studio & the perfect place to get inked. Simply, we like to give our customers what they want, It's our mission. You can definitely expect exceedingly high standards of service. 

The studio & artists working here are qualified and fully licensed by Cardiff County Council & Environmental Health Team.

Artists working here all have great experience in the tattoo industry and are extremely talented and enthusiastic about their job. 

Here at Inkcognito Cardiff We specialise in all types of tattooing. We are happy to accommodate any style. 

We can proudly boast that we have had many famous faces being inked here. The likes of our very own Cardiff City players Craig Bellamy, Robert Earnshaw & Australian rugby player David Pocock. 


Our Artist. 



I have always had an interest in art and tattoos for as long as I can remember. I remember drawing on almost everything i owned as a child trying to find the perfect outlet for the artist inside me. As a teenager my eyes were opened to the world of tattooing and i fell in love immediately. 


I've been tattooing since 2008 . I enjoy all types and styles, my preferred style is black and grey realism portraits. I love the challenge of doing portraits with high contrast levels, 


I’ve been here at Inkcognito since 2014 and it’s the perfect place for me right now.  

Our Artist.



I worked as a commission artist for 10 years before beginning my tattoo journey in 2015, (although I have always drawn from as young as I was able to). I primarily focused on portraiture and conceptual work before becoming a tattooist and still maintain this in my work on skin.


In 2013 I gained a First BA Honours Degree in Fine Art, It was following this I realised that I needed art at the forefront of my everyday working life. I immersed myself in the tattoo industry and haven’t looked back since.


I love Black and Grey realism and Illustrative realism but enjoy all styles. I really enjoy geometric (being slightly compulsive helps) and the challenge of colour and bold traditional tattoos.



Please feel free to call in for a no obligation consultation.

Our tattoo artists would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and bring them to life. Regardless of size, we understand that getting a tattoo is a big decision. Our job is to offer the best advice, based on our professional experience. This is to ensure you leave a consultation with us feeling confident that you are most definitely making the right decision

So why not get in touch? 






Before your tattoo.


Make sure you have a good night sleep and a good breakfast. 

Please be sure to wear loose, appropriate clothing that you don't mind potentially getting ink on. It’s advised to bring a sugary drink and arrive 15 mins before your appointment time. 

We will have a disclaimer form for every client to fill out upon arrival. 

Please remember to bring your photo ID with the you as we may ask to see it.


After your tattoo.


Make sure you follow the aftercare instructions that are given verbally by the artist or on your aftercare form. 

Healing time is roughly 2-3 weeks.

Please understand that everybody is different and some may take more or less time to fully heal.

Any further questions please feel free to contact the studio.



Deposit/Cancellation Policy.


When making an appointment you are entering an agreement and accepting our policy.

We require a deposit for all appointments made. 

The price of the deposit does vary and will depend on the length of appointment needed. Prices are as follows:



 £80 per hr, (1 hr minimum) day rate £400

Deposit : 1hr - £40, 

                Up to 4hrs - £80, 

                Day session - £150 


£60 per hr, £30 minimum 

Deposit: 1hr - £30

               Up to 4hrs - £60 

Walk ins available every Wednesday from 11am


Please note all deposits made are non-refundable!

We realise this is a big commitment so please make sure you are 100% certain with your decision before booking.

A change of design after the initial booking may result in your appointment being canceled; and another deposit would be required to book again so please be certain before booking.


If you need to re-arrange your appointment for any reason, you must let us know with at least 48 hours notice in person or by phone (email or social media is not sufficient)

We can carry over the deposit to your re-scheduled appointment; however this can only be done once, and if re-scheduled a second time another deposit will be required.


If you cancel or do not show up to your appointment another deposit will be required to make another appointment in future.


Touch ups

If you require any touch ups after your tattoo has healed you must let the studio know in a reasonable and timely manner (within 1 month of appointment). Generally our artists will touch up any areas that have had difficulties healing free of charge. If it is due to poor aftercare or not following the instructions given you will be charged at full rates.





164B Richmond Road, Cardiff, CF24 3BX

Tel: 029 2025 5124 





​​Monday: By appointment only

Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm


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